Cruelty Free Wool - Make Better Choices

Cruelty Free Wool - Make Better Choices

What is Mulesing?

Flystrike is an animal disease caused by parasitic flys which can cause serious harm and even death to the animal. Flystrike poses a significant risk to the health of sheep and can also represent significant economic loss to farmers.

Mulesing refers to the widespread practice of the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin, without anaesthetics, from around the buttocks of merino sheep. The tissue that grows over the wound does not grow will again therefore is less likely to attract parasitic flies. 

However, mulesing is a cruel practice which results in poor welfare for the sheep, including pain and distress. 

Mulesing is now illegal in a number of countries. Unfortunately Australia and the United States are among the countries which are yet to make this brutal practice illegal.

Alternatives to Mulesing

Fortunately there are alternatives to mulesing. These practices include:

  • Control by spraying and shearing particular parts of the animal
  • Installing fly traps around the herds
  • Using breeds of sheeps which have a lower growth of wool and have greater natural resistance to flystrike.

Research on alternatives to the practice of mulesing continue.

Mulesing Free Wool

At ORA we are proud to offer the cruelty free Pascuali Nube boucle wool, which is certified as mulesing-free. 







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