Plastics in our Oceans Outweigh the Marine Life

Plastics in our Oceans Outweigh the Marine Life
This is the most frightening thing I have heard for a long time :-( have confirmed that by 2050 (which is just 28 years away at the time of writing) the plastic in our oceans will weigh more than all the fish in it!

Every minute another two garbage trucks of plastic are dumped into our oceans.

Plastic has been even been found 11km down at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

The impacts of this growing plastic problem are so significant. Marine organisms are dying. Plastics are causing damage to reefs. Microplastics are being eaten by marine life, many of which are at the base of the human food chain.

I feel very overwhelmed by these statistics and sometimes wonder what hope there is.

I encourage you to read for further information. You can start by throwing your support behind their push for a Global Plastics Treaty x

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